A Note to my Daughter on her 3rd Birthday

To my darling girl who made me a mama 3 years ago today:

I cannot believe three whole years have already gone by. It has flown, even though I can’t remember life without you anymore (nor would I want to). You have grown into such an intelligent, independent, comical, sassy, happy, curious, delightful, loving, sweet, and simply beautiful little girl.

I can always count on you to take my side against your Daddy…scolding him for leaving water running or telling him the right way to do things. Your joy and laughter is infectious. You are constantly making jokes and being silly to get a reaction. You’re absolutely fearless when it comes to heights and flips and turns. You giggle in delight as your Dad tosses you higher and higher in the air. “Again” you squeal after every throw.

You run around the house in princess dresses and belt out “Let it Go” at the top of your lungs. You told us the other day that spiders are our friends, but you are sometimes scared of specks of dirt in the bathtub. You’re curious about the world around you, constantly asking “why Mama” or “what that Mama”. You love to help around the house and with your little brother. You bring him pacis when he cries, and you attempt to mop up spills with your toy broom just like Mama. I hope I always remember these early days with you.

I know the twos were supposed to be terrible, but while they definitely had their challenges, watching you grow has been incredible. Hearing you say “I love you too” for the first time and getting your sweet kisses on my cheek coupled with your aggressive happy hugs has made the twos less terrible and much more fun (despite the tantrums and sassy “nos”). While watching you grow older and more independent is bittersweet, I’m looking forward to what the threes bring.

I love you more and more with every passing day my sweet little girl. Happy Birthday!

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