Teething Tubes Review: We finally Tried Teething Tubes, Here’s What Happened

Baby Teething Tubes Review

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By now you’ve probably had your social media bombarded with pictures of adorable little babies chewing on these little brightly colored teething tubes with ridges on them. Not to mention your little one has been super uncomfortable as their first teeth start poking through their tender gums, and you’ve been struggling to find the right teether to provide them some much-needed relief. Should you buy some of these teething tubes? Do babies really love them as much as all the videos and pictures show? Read on to find out if these things are worth all of the hype.

Baby Teething Tubes Description:

The Teething Tubes are 7 inch long hollow silicone tubes made in the USA from an FDA approved, BPA free food grade silicone with a non-toxic colorant. One end of the tube has a series of ridges for baby to gnaw on. It’s basically a blown up silicone straw in terms of shape. The tubes are also free from Phthalates, rubber, latex, lead, and heavy metals. They are super light and flexible, and are recommended from ages 0+ all the way to when babies are done teething. Since they are so light and easy to grip, Teething Tubes can help with developing hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Teething Tubes Close Up

The tubes are very soft which makes it perfect for sensitive baby gums. Additionally, they can be placed in the refrigerator or freezer to provide extra soothing relief for teething. Finally, they are dishwasher safe to make cleaning a breeze!

Here’s a picture of the teething tube next to a banana for scale:

banana next to teething tube

The Teething Tubes are currently available in three color options: Orange, Teal Blue and Mint Green and retail for $16.99 individually or 3 for $39.99 on the Baby Teething Tubes website. You can also purchase them through Amazon, but they are a couple bucks more.


  • Super lightweight – lighter than nearly any other teether we own
  • Easy for baby to hold – My son could grip this really early on
  • Suitable for all teething age ranges – most teethers only work well for young babies or for the molars. It’s hard to find a one size fits all like these teething tubes.
  • Easy to clean – They are dishwasher safe or you can simply give them a quick scrub in the sink.
  • Durable material – To stand up to aggressive chewers


  • No guard to keep baby from gagging themselves (I’ve seen a handful of complaints about babies gagging themselves on them. We never had that problem, but perhaps we were lucky. As with all teethers, do make sure you always supervise baby while they use it.)
  • More expensive than many other teether options
  • Simple design – May not keep older babies entertained
  • No clip or attachment to baby – Easy to lose

Final Verdict – Should you buy them?

Since these Teething Tubes were being so heavily marketed and overhyped, I was expecting these to fall short of expectations. However, I was very pleasantly surprised, shocked actually at how Oliver took to these immediately. He loves his Teething Tube and spends hours chewing it and loves watching himself waving it around. I love that it’s easy to clean and provides him relief when he is in pain. They are pricier than other teether options, but I felt the cost has been worth it since my son likes them so much.

Baby Holding Teething Tube

I also appreciate that these are responsibly made in the USA, and that the creators actually used them with their own children. It’s worth a higher cost to get something well and responsibly made from safe materials. After it is all said and done, I do recommend these as a great teether option. Click here to buy on Amazon.

Some other great teether options to consider:

  • The Baby Banana Training Toothbrush and Teether – This was my daughter’s absolute favorite, and babies seem to just love this thing. It’s also relatively inexpensive at $7.99. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
  • The ComoTomo Silicone Teether – This is a new favorite in our household! Oliver enjoys the finger-like design, and the ring allows him to grip it really easily. It’s also a less expensive option at $6.99.

If you are interested in more teethers for your baby, check out my ultimate list of the best baby teethers and for more baby must-haves, check out our 0-3 month favorites.

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  1. Wow! I have four kids and I’ve never seen these! It’s crazy how kid things change. I do think my kids would have loved it! Though I wonder if you could save a little money and let them chew on a silicone spatula?

    1. It is crazy how fast they change! These are quite a bit lighter than a spatula would be, and that wouldn’t give the same finger like tube part that babies seem to enjoy. However, there certainly are cheaper options out there! 🙂

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