Finding Time for Fitness as a Mama

So full disclosure, fitting in fitness isn’t something I haven’t been really good about until recently. I would go through spurts off and on after having my daughter where I was really serious about losing weight and getting into shape, but this has been a struggle for my entire life, so I cannot blame it solely on having kids. However, with a full time job and a little one, I am shorter on time than I have ever been. Here are a few things that I have found worked for me.

Where to workout

My first and biggest recommendation would be to set yourself up to workout at home. I personally use Beachbody On Demand, and I love it, but you definitely do not have to go that route. If you have any workout DVDs or equipment at home, you can find a routine that works for you. Now if you have a gym with childcare that you trust (or a babysitter that will let you go to a gym), by all means, count your blessings and go enjoy the gym. If you don’t have those options, seriously consider working out at home. I promise you, you don’t need a ton of equipment to get started, and you can get a killer workout if you want to. It’s all about the effort you put in.

When to workout

In my opinion, the best time is when your baby is asleep. That’s when I am able to give my workout myundivided (relatively) attention and really put in the effort. If your baby is not consistently sleeping through the night (or still wakes up at unpredictable times in the morning), try working out after you get them down for bed. Typically, once your kids are older, getting a workout in before anyone else in the house is up is indeed the easiest route. However, if you try that, and your baby wakes up, that plan can easily be ruined. So I found it helpful to do the opposite and get in my workouts in those hours where I could count (at least more reliably than in the morning) on my daughter sleeping.


How to workout

If you take my prior advice into account, the how is up to you and there are endless options. If working out at home when your baby is asleep doesn’t work for you, then another option to consider is working out with your baby in tow. Be that taking a walk with your stroller, jogging with your stroller (once your child is old enough) or joining a mommy fitness group where the baby is actually incorporated into your routine (there are tons of these options these days, you would be surprised what you find if you google around you). All of these are great ways to fit fitness in with your baby. Most children love the soothing rhythm of the being pushed in the stroller, so they tend to be calm, relaxed, and even go to sleep during that time. However, I found that you will hit an age where they will not longer want to be confined, and I always felt like I was on a ticking time bomb if this was my only way to get a workout in. I personally like this as an addition to my usual workout routine and not the sole option.

I’m curious, what has worked for you other mamas out there? Any additional advice you would have?



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