Fun activities to do to spend quality time with your toddler

In all the articles and posts that I have read about finding a good work-life balance, some of the best advice that I have read is that achieving balance is not about finding an exactly equal amount of time between the home-life and work-life, but it’s about finding quality time for both. I have found that to be an absolutely true statement, and I try to make sure that every day/evening I am home with Parker that I can spend quality time with her. This means putting away the phone/email and actually actively playing with her. I know it’s so hard to do these days, but I find I can actually enjoy the time without a work email in the back of my mind. So I thought it might be helpful for some out there to see some ideas of fun activities to do with your children to keep you both engaged and entertained. I’m always looking for new ideas of fun things to do myself! I made two lists, one for shorter activities that would work on a weeknight and others that would require more time and are more suited for a weekend.

Weeknight Fun:

– Playing at the local park or going to an inside park when weather is bad

Toddler wearing helmet

– Go on a walk or bike ride. My daughter loves going for walk together in her red wagon or on her pink tricycle.

– Make some art together! Color, paint, draw, play with stickers or use a chalkboard.

– Building blocks together — create the tallest tower you can; build a castle.

– Play with play-doh together. Make fun shapes, make impressions of household items, let them cut it with a dull plastic knife.

– Playing with toys together (not “watching” your child play with their toys). Imagine together and make up a story.

– Cooking or baking together, giving your child an age appropriate task but getting them involved

– Have a tea party together. Complete with all your child’s friends (real, stuffed animals, figurines, or imaginary all work)

– Make a craft together — one great suggestions is threading buttons on pipe cleaners; hours of entertainment for very little $

– Incorporate your toddler into your daily activities. Let them help you load the laundry or press the button to start the dishwasher. I swear, they love it, and they are learning fundamental tasks that will help them become a functioning human one day.

– Play outside; we have sidewalk chalk, a sand table, and kiddie pools that we love to get use out of

– Listen to music and sing and/or dance together.

– Build a fort together out of blankets and couch cushions or cardboard boxes.

playing dress up together– Play dress up together. You can use old clothes or go thrift shopping if needed.

– Garden and water plants and flowers together. Kids always love digging in dirt and playing with watering cans.

-Go bowling indoors (using homemade pins or plastic pins if you have them)

– Read books together. This is one of my favorite things to do with my daughter, and we try to make time for it every single day.

Weekend Fun:

– Go on a trip to the zoo/aquarium/petting zoo

– Take a trip to a Children’s museum or science center visiting the local zoo

– Go to a children’s show (think Disney on Ice). We went to a Daniel Tiger show not that long ago and Parker absolutely LOVED it!

– Go to an amusement park together

– Go to the mountains or the beach as a family

– Go to a sporting event. We love the local minor league ballpark because it isn’t expensive, and they have a free carousel for kids to ride.

– Sign up and take a class together. There are so many glasses offered these days – swim classes, music classes, tumble classes…the list goes on and on.

– Go to a local children’s book reading together. Many bookstores and local libraries offer this and even have special character dress up days.

– Go on a picnic together. This can be nice to pair with an outdoor excursion like a walk/hike as well.

– Visit a local lake and feed the ducks (as long as permitted of course).

– Go to a local park or nature center.

– Make a trip to the beach. Play in the water and in the sand. Nothing like a beach day with your kiddos, and it’s sure to leave you both exhausted but happy.

Hopefully these ideas contained at least a few ideas for you and your child/children! Now go have some fun.

Thanks for stopping by! Leave an activity that you enjoy doing with your child in the comments below.


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