Baby Forehead and Ear Thermometer – InstamediQ Intelligent 3 Mode Thermometer Review

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Recently, we were gifted the InstamediQ Intelligent 3 Mode Baby Thermometer, and after spending some time testing it out, I wanted to share my full review.

Basic Thermometer Features:

The InstamediQ thermometer is an FDA approved patented eaf and forehead thermometer with 3 mode settings: Forehead Mode for Adults (12+), Forehead Mode for Children, and an Ear mode. Changing between the 3 modes is as simple as moving a switch and removing the magnetic cover (for the ear mode). Then all you have to do is press the button to take the temperature. You can also easily switch been Fahrenheit and Celsius using a switch underneath the battery cover.

The digital screen clearly displays the number as well as a color (blue, green, yellow, or red) to help with interpreting the temperature. Additionally, the InstamediQ ear and forehead thermometer saves your previous reading and displays that in a small box underneath the current temperature. As far as reading storage, you can recall up to the last 40 readings if needed to track fever history.

One of the biggest selling points of this thermometer is that it has been extensively tested and designed with calibration technology for lasting accuracy. This means you won’t have random readings that you have to double-check with another thermometer. Huge win for worried parents late at night! You can also mute the thermometer to take readings late at night without waking your little one.

What’s in the Box:

The InstamediQ Thermometer

  • A Quick Start User Guide
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • A User Manual
  • A Soft Dust Bag

My Review:

Overall we have really loved this ear and forehead thermometer. I love that it is simple to use (I literally have a thermometer in my bathroom drawer that is permanently stuck on Celsius that I never use since I then have to convert it) and that it is accurate. Many of the ear or forehead thermometers we have purchased have crazy swings from one reading to the next. I find myself taking multiple readings to be sure that everything is okay, and I am not missing a fever. However, when I have taken multiple readings with the InstamediQ thermometer they all read the same, which gives me much more confidence in using it.

The only real con I found was that the ear thermometer does not come with covers, so it needs to be sanitized. My guess is that those covers decrease the accuracy of the thermometer on the other ear ones that I have used – so I think it is worth the trade off.

If you’re interested you can purchase the InstamediQ Intelligent 3 Mode Baby Thermometer here on Amazon.

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