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Little Adventures Toddler Costume and Dress-Up Review | Don’t Buy Another Princess Dress before you read this

Little Adventures Princess Dresses – My Honest Review

If there is one thing my daughter is all about these days, it is dresses…twirly dresses, princess dresses and any dress with a rainbow or unicorn. She literally does at a bare minimum 3 outfit changes a day. So I was super excited find Little Adventures washable, comfortable, quality-made dresses. I thought they looked cute, but was curious how they would hold up to her messy rough and tumble play. I also wanted to see whether or not they would be as comfy as they claimed since she is always complaining about tags poking her in some of her other costumes. So I ordered a few and tested them out with her so I could share my full honest review with you.

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Little Adventures – Who are They?

Little Adventures was founded by two moms who had kids that wanted to live in their dress up costumes. However, as you probably know, many of the mass produced costumes available in stores are not made to be washed. I’ve never met a toddler who can’t cover themselves in a mess in under a minute, so having something washable is a must in my opinion.

Some costumes can also be itchy, pokey or generally uncomfortable. Little Adventures was created to address these two fundamental issues by making dress ups which are made to be washed, are stretchy and comfy, and are easy to get on and off. Many of the dresses have wrapped seams to increase the comfiness and to ensure delicate skin is not irritated. The fabrics are apparel-grade (not polyester) and sewn together well. You also won’t find unfinished seams or edges and mountains of glitter like in many other dress up costumes out there. 

Little Adventures offers a 100% quality guarantee as well. The company is based out of the USA in Utah and offers free shipping in the U.S

What Dresses and Costumes does Little Adventures Offer?

The offerings are changing constantly! They always have a number of classic princess dresses and they are always adding more variety. Here are a few pictures of my daughter in her Scandinavian Princess Coronation Dress, her Classic Rapunzel Dress, and her Cinderella Dress.

 Little Adventures Scandinavian Dress

Little Adventures Rapunzel Dress

Little Adventures Cinderella Dress

As you can tell, she wore those both a lot. She absolutely loved them (and I’ve recently ordered 2 new ones for her upcoming 4th birthday). 

The princess dresses typically run around $32.99 for a standard dress and $42.99 for the deluxe dresses. The children’s dress ups range in size from 1 year in age all the way up to 13. All orders over $20 USD will ship for free. So if you buy any of the princess dresses that will get you free shipping. 

Another option that I love is the Little Adventure Twirl Dresses. These are truly everyday dresses that can be worn to school or out of the house. They are made to spin out and around delightfully when twirling, which my daughter loves to do. I’ve often heard her complaining that her regular dresses don’t twirl, so this was an easy purchase to fight that battle. If you have a little dancer in your life, consider gifting her one of these. She will surely adore them. 

Little Adventures also offers toys, cloaks, capes, tutus, accessories, and even adult costumes. They are constantly adding new offerings and seasonal ones, so it’s worth checking out their website to see what is currently in stock. In fact, they just launched some adorable princess nightgowns that I have my eye on. 

How do the Dresses Hold Up?

The dresses we purchased from Little Adventures have held up incredibly well. Even after washing them on a weekly basis, they look like new. I was able to pass them on to family after my daughter grew out of them.

I also do have to fully support the claim that they are comfortable (even though I couldn’t fit in the dresses myself). The fabric is velvety and soft to the touch. Another bonus is that there isn’t random glitter falling off of the dress. I know you hear me out there. I’ve bought several expensive princess dresses that constantly shed glitter all over our house. I spent months vacuuming the couch after a particularly bad one. My husband whined and complained about it so much, we ended up giving them away after some time.

My daughter also never complained about the dresses bothering her. Some of her other costumes she constantly takes on and off simply because she likes the way that they look, but cannot stand the way they feel. I’ve even resorted to sewing fabric over where a tag was in one of her dresses because it was making a bright red spot on her back. Not with the Little Adventures dresses. They were comfy and ready to wear from the get go. 

Overall, my review is a full thumbs up from both me and my kiddo. Definitely worth checking it out if you have a princess of your own. 


Have you tried out the Little Adventures Dresses? What did you and your little one think? I’d love to hear about your experience in a comment below.

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