Little Live Pets Review

In today’s post, I share my honest thoughts on the interactive animal toy brand Little Live Pets. Almost all kids love playing with animals, but no parents that I know want to run a zoo. Enter Little Live Pets to the rescue. Like a real pet, but with no fuss, no mess, and without the responsibilities of a real pet. Read on to find out what my kids and I thought of these toys and whether they are worth purchasing.

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What are Little Live Pets?

Little Live Pets are an interactive electronic pet toy in the form of an animal. They’re designed for kids and come to “life” usually by making sounds, moving or interacting in some way. Although each pet interacts in its own unique way. Typically these toys are recommended for age ranges from 5+ albeit they are probably most entertaining for ages 5 to 7. They do include small parts, so you will want to keep away from children 3 and under. They’re made to act like a real life pet for your child to interact with. Currently, all kinds of Little Live Pets are available – from a guinea pig that has babies to a turtle, a bird, a hamster, a fish and even a puppy.

Little Live Pets – My Full Review

For this review, I purchased and tested out 3 Little Live Pets with my kids: the Mama Surprise guinea pig, the Lil’ bird, and the Bright Light Chameleon. I couldn’t afford to buy every single pet that Little Live Pets make, so I tried to select a few that I thought would provide a good representation of the types of pets that are offered. I’ll go into deeper detail on these three pets, but Little Live Pets is constantly creating and releasing new pets. The features, interactions and details all vary quite a bit by pet, so it’s worth researching the one you plan to buy in more detail to fully understand what it can offer and what would be best for you and your family.

Mama Surprise Guinea Pig & Surprise Babies

Little Live Pets Guinea Pig Surprise

The Mama Surprise Guinea Pig is the modern take on a classic toy theme of a Mama Pet and her Pet babies (I’m thinking of the 90s toys Kitty and Puppy Surprise). The Mama Guinea Pig comes with an included Hutch that will release 3 Surprise Babies after you care for the Mom, wait for her glowing heart, and put her into the hutch and wait.

The speed at which the babies are born can be controlled with a switch on the hutch that can be toggled between ‘Fast’ and ‘Normal’ modes. The ‘Fast’ mode will allow babies to be “born” every 10 minutes. On top of that, the babies each come with unique individual accessories and a birth certificate that can be filled out with their name and date/time of birth. Additionally, included in the box is a hair brush, a piece of plastic celery for feeding the pets, and paper nesting material to line to hutch with to create a nice cozy space for Mama Guinea Pig.

When you unbox the Guinea Pig and her hutch, note that both the Guinea Pig and the hutch will require batteries. This actually threw me off for a bit, and I couldn’t figure out why babies were not appearing. Turns out, I had only added batteries to the Guinea Pig not realizing the hutch also needed them as well.

Little Live Pets Glowing Heart

In order to get the babies to appear you will need to nurture the Mama Guinea Pig, by petting and feeding her until the light of her chest glows and she sings her song. At this point, you place her into the hutch and wait. The babies are hidden in a wheel at the top of the hutch that will eventually spin and drop a baby into the hutch below. Once all the babies are born, the toy can easily be reset, by opening the panel at the top of the hutch and reloading the babies into their compartments in the wheel. This is the most expensive Little Live Pets that I purchased for $59.

Lil’ Bird & Bird House – Princess Polly

Little live pets bird

The Little Live Pets Bird is an interactive adorable round “pet” bird with big eyes and eyelashes. The birds actually come in a few different styles and colors. I purchased Princess Polly (a pink bird with a princess crown painted on), but you can also buy Rainbow Tweets, Pretty Posh or Polly Pearl styles. The first 3 styles I mentioned come with an included bird house, while Polly Pearl comes with a birdcage.

The bird reacts when you pet her, and the more you pet her the happier she will become, which she shows by singing and whistling at you. The bird can move her head from side to side and also open and close her beak as she interacts with you. She makes over 20 different bird sounds in total. Additionally, she will repeat back what you say if you press the talk button and speak to her. She will play it back immediately to you. This is probably my children’s favorite part about playing with the bird. They’re constantly recording messages and songs and playing it back.

Sunny The Bright Light Chameleon

Sunny the bright light Chameleon

Sunny is an interactive pet Chameleon with squishy gel-like skin that lights up when you play with her. Her color is meant to reflect her mood, just like a real chameleon. When she is happy, she will glow green and giggle. When she is angry, she will glow a red color. While when she is sad, she will glow a blue color. She will also light up to match the beat of music that you play to her. You can pet Sunny on her head and also feed her by putting a finger in her mouth. Additionally, Sunny will talk back to you if you speak to her. Ss long as you don’t speak too loud and scare or anger her that is.

Playing with little live pets

Sunny’s tail can wrap around your hand and unfurl and spring back when you pull on it. Finally, Sunny can stick to surfaces thanks to the suction cups on her feet. My youngest really loved sticking her to everything in our house…the floor, the wall, the tv, the tables. You name it and he probably tried to stick her on it. Which could be both funny and frustrating as those suction cups stuck quite well. I paid a little over $14 for Sunny, so he wasn’t a super expensive toy.

Final Verdict of Little Live Pets Toys

So what did we think of the Little Live Pets? Well overall I would say our review is mixed. The more expensive toy – the Mama Surprise Guinea Pig – was definitely the most loved and played with at our house. My kids loved resetting the Guinea Pig Surprise and waiting for the babies to appear. The other two pets have fewer features. I would overall describe all of the Little Live Pet Toys as a one-trick pony. They all have one specific feature that sets them apart. That feature may be really appealing or constratingly really uninteresting depending on your child.

The Chameleon probably got the least play at my house, and it also annoyed me a bit how good the suction cups were. I got tired of constantly peeling it off of random objects it my house. Also, the skin of the Chameleon is rubbery and attracts hair and dirt. So out of the 3, this was our least favorite. The Guinea Pigs were by far and away the favorite. Not only did my kids love it, but their cousins who came over to visit also couldn’t get enough. I would say that given how much they have played with it and others have enjoye it, it was well worth the cost.

My final conclusion is that it really depends on the child and their interests as to how much they will like an individual toy. If they like singing and recording themselves, they will probably really enjoy the bird. While if they enjoy playing with lights and music, then Sunny may be more their speed. My kids really loved the Mama Surprise Guinea Pig (both girls and boys), and I think that it has a strong appeal for most children this age. If you’re willing to spend a little bit more, I think this toy is a great option.


Interactive and Engaging Toys
Kids love playing with their pretend pets
Usually one great interactive feature unique to each pet


Expensive (at least some of the models, like the Mama Guinea Pig Surprise)
Not all of the pets are super durable (Sunny has some peeling areas, other reviews complained of pets breaking or stopping working)
Some pets feel a bit one-note without enough features

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the pets are recommended for ages 4-5 and up. They are not for children 3 and under as they have small parts that present a choking hazard. The ideal age with max appeal is ages 5-7.

You can find Little Live Pets in the usual places that toys are sold. Specifically, Amazon, Target and Walmart all carry these toys. 

The cost of the Little Live Pets varies. Each specific pet has a different price point, but they generally start at around $10 and go all the way up to $59. The most common price points are $14.99 and $19.99.

Yes, the Lil’ Dippers pet fish is made to go in real water and swim around.

Some pets come with batteries already included, like the chameleon and the bird. However, others do not include batteries and will require you purchase them separately. You’ll need to read the box or description for the specific pet you are purchasing to determine. As a general rule of thumb, usually the smaller pets include batteries, while the larger ones do not.

Thanks for stopping by! Have you tried out Little Live Pets? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts and personal experience in the comments down below. If you enjoyed this post, you might also want to check my review of FurReal Tiger Roarin’ Tyler, the playful Tiger. It’s another interactive “pet” experience (although it’s a wild animal, not a traditional pet), but overall a similar interactive animal toy experience.

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