Looking to Beat Quarantine Boredom and Encourage Learning through Play? The Best Toddler Activity Box Subscriptions

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If you are anything like us, you’ve been stuck in the house for the last several months hiding away from the coronavirus. Schools and summer camps around us have been closed, so I have been looking for every opportunity to continue to encourage learning through play for my two littles. In doing so, I’ve compiled this list of the best activity subscription boxes currently out there. 

Best Toddler Educational Box Subscriptions

KiwiCo Koala Crate

I actually wrote a full review on the KiwiCo Activity Crates that you can find here. The KiwiCo crates are STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) based boxes that include everything needed to do 3 crafts/activities, a short magazine, and instructions all based around a given theme for the month. We personally have monthly subscriptions to this crate and love them. I can’t recommend KiwiCo enough to other moms. 

KiwiCo Crate

LoveEvery Baby and Toddler Play Kits

LoveEvery offers subscription Montessori based toy kits for toddlers and babies based around their age and developmental needs. Their toys are designed by a team of specialists that include Montessori educators and professors from various academic fields. The included toys are made from sustainably sourced wood, organic cotton and are designed to foster brain development. Quite honestly, the toys are beautiful to look at as well. No flashy lights and annoying sounds, I would love it if my house had only these types of toys from an aesthetic perspective. I’m consistently amazed by the quality of these toys and the amount of time my kids spend playing with them. A great investment for any parent who wants high quality educational toys for their children.

  The Play Kits by Lovevery

Sago Mini Box

The Sago Mini Box is an award-winning monthly subscription box stuffed with hands-on activities that are first put together and then can be played with over and over again. Every Sago Mini box contains a Sago Mini collectible figurine along with a set of activities exploring unique themes and letters you can read aloud to your child. Some of the themes I have seen are road trips, oceans, pets and tools. The designs are truly adorable, but they are a little less durable than the KiwiCo activities as many of them are paper or card stock. This box is best suited for children aged 3-5, and is a great option that will provide hours of entertainment. 

Hoppi Box

Designed for children ages 0-4, the Hoppi Box offers a quarterly subscription of 4-5 premium toys put together by a team of experts. They are designed around your baby’s age and milestones much like the LoveEvery Box. The toys are all Eco-friendly, organic and BPA-free (and of course age-appropriate and safe for your little one). The cost is roughly $66 for one box, breaking down to $22 monthly. 

WeCraft Box

The WeCraft Box is a monthly subscription service that offers a craft in a box for children ages 3-9, with no tedious trips to the craft store! Every month features a new creative theme, such as outer space or polar bears. The box can be shared between 2 children and contains all the materials and instructions needed for making the craft. Compared to the other options on this list, I would say the WeCraft Box is the most creative and artistic based box. The crafts included are truly impressive and if your child is at all into making art or crafts, they will adore this box.

Little Passports

Another excellent option is Little Passports. This monthly activity box is designed around exploring new locations all across the world. The Early Boxes explore themes like oceans, dinosaurs, and music, while the older boxes explore specific countries and places or even focus on science experiments. The boxes are filled with toys, activities and souvenirs designed to spark your child’s imagination and help them learn more about the world around them. Little Passports offer a variety of boxes appropriate for children of ages 3 up to 9+. 

Tinkering Toddler Crates

Designed for Toddlers and Preschoolers, Tinkering Toddler Crates is a monthly subscription box that offers a monthly box of 3 engaging, educational and fun activities to complete with your child. These boxes are great options for a rainy day, a playdate with a friend or even an activity for a babysitter or grandparent to complete with your child. 


If you would like to encourage a lifelong love of reading, a great option for you could be the Literati Box. This is essentially a kids book club sending a premium selection of books every month curated by experts for your child’s specific age ranging from newborn up to age 12. You will receive 5 books to try for a week and only purchase the ones that you love. You pay $9.95 for the monthly membership and then the cost of any books that you keep. This makes selecting new books super easy and convenient, and by trying them out, you ensure you only get books that you and your child truly love. Returning books is free and you can skip or cancel your subscription at any time. The boxes also include exclusive illustrations and personalized surprises for your child. This is a great option for all those little readers and early bookworms out there!


The Bluum Box is a little different than some of the other boxes in that it is a collection of baby, toddler and mom products curated from other retailers based on reviews. This box is a great option if you simply don’t have time to do research and weed through all the online reviews to find the best items for you and your children. You can subscribe when you first become pregnant and continue until your child finishes preschool and receive innovative baby gear, toys and books the whole time.

Have you tried any of the boxes on my list or did I leave one out that you love? If so, leave a comment below sharing your thoughts. I would love to hear from you!

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