Modern Baby Memory Books – Our Top Baby Book Picks for Both Boys and Girls that you’ll Adore

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Top 10 Modern Baby Keepsake Books

Artifact Uprising – The Story of You


The “Story of You” is a premium linen fabric bound baby book that is foil stamped on the front with the words “Here Begins the Story of You”. It comes in 7 different color options, so it works well for both girls and boys.

I personally used this book for my second, and I honestly love it so much. Each month it gives a series of prompts for pictures and for notes to write down. It looks beautiful, modern and clean. It even remains beautiful once filled out, when many books look like a cluttered old scrapbook of memories. The prompts were also so unique and thoughtful that I found myself actually enjoying filling it out instead of feeling pressured to get it done. You can see a preview of the prompts here.

Another big plus with this baby keepsake book is that it is set up as a binder so that pages can be removed, added or just moved around. You can purchase additional Page Packs to easily add pages if you run out. The purchase of the book includes a pen and adhesive for pictures. Additionally if you register your book, you can get a free set of prints to go in your book as well. This is by far my favorite baby book on this list, and I highly recommend it.

Stash and Story Baby Box

Stash + Story Baby Keepsake Book

The Stash and Story Memory Book is unique as it is baby book and a keepsake box all in one. The box/book is bound in a gray fabric printed with a pattern and “Stash + Story” on the front with a magnetic closure. The design is modern and clean, and like the Artifact Uprising book, it is also a binder so that you can add, remove and reorder anything in the baby book. The box comes with 96 pages and 2 folders. You can order more pages and folders if you use up all of the included ones. They additionally make books for storing artwork and information for children during their preschool and toddler years. Definitely worth checking out!

As You Grow – A Modern Memory Book

As You Grow Baby Book

This cute baby memory book is themed around a growing tree. This keepsake book documents from pregnancy up to age 5. It features a linen cover with leaves and the phrase “As You Grow” on the cover. The inside of the book has places to document your childs milestones, firsts, write letters to your child and of course plenty of space for pictures. Additionally there are pocket section dividers for saving all those things that wont fit neatly on a page in the book. It contains 160 pages in total, and is very large at 10.66 x 1.26 x 10.15 inches in size. This book is modern, clean and features stunning illustrations. It’s a great choice for saving those precious memories.

Lucy Darling Memory Baby Books

Baby's First Year

Lucy Darling has created a whole slew of Baby Books for saving those precious memories. They have a variety of options for both girls and boys. This Little Camper is my favorite choice for boys; while this Little Artist Floral is my favorite choice for girls. Both feature 48 pages, are 9×9 in size. They are an excellent choice if you are seeking a simple baby book to fill out with no fuss.

Luxury Baby Memory Book by BlushandGoldInvites


This grey Baby Memory Book with gold foil embossing features 100 pages for documenting your little one’s early days. The book is divided up into four stages from before birth up to your child’s 5th birthday: stage 1 covering pregnancy, stage 2 covering baby’s first year, stage 3 featuring a milestone section and stage 4 for documenting birthdays up to age 5. You can even watch a video of all the pages in the journal here. The book is beautiful and high quality, making an excellent keepsake.


baby memory book

Another clean and modern choice, Mushybooks feature a variety of themes (from fairy tales to zoo to robots). The designs are simple, yet beautiful. Each baby book has a synthetic leather cover and includes 50 pages in a screw book that is customizable (much like the binder baby books mentioned previously). Pages can be added, removed or reordered. The book also includes an envelope for baby’s first haircut, a keepsake envelope, and a protective book sleeve for story the baby book. The book is 10 x 11.5 inches in size. We think Mushybooks are a great choice for a keepsake baby book.

Le Petite Baby Book

Le Petite Baby Book

This baby book is absolutely adorable with whimsical color illustrations throughout. It is incredibly well-designed and offers a lot at a relatively low price point. It is packaged in a compact album with a fabric spine and foil stamped writing on the cover. It also has a bunch of really unique prompts that set it apart from traditional baby books.

Le Petit Baby Book includes:

  • An envelope for saving ultrasound scans
  • A spin-wheel for baby’s astrological sign
  • A gatefold family tree
  • Plenty of space for placing photos
  • Mini envelopes for saving momentos
  • Illustrated pop-ups
  • A pull-out growth chart

Pearhead – Modern Girl’s Memory Book

pearhead modern baby book for girls

Perahead makes a plethora of baby books for capturing precious memories, but I love this floral themed one with gold foiled accents for a baby girl. It contains 48 pages with prompts, folders for saving mementos, and places for placing photos. Additionally, this book also includes 16 milestone stickers. One for each month 1 through 12, plus some bonus stickers. The stickers all have a floral design matching the theme of the book. A super cute choice for a baby girl’s baby memory book!

Baby Memory Scrapbook – Beautifully Simple

Modern baby book by ModernNotebooks

If you are seeking a minimalist baby book where you can design your own book, this baby memory scrapbook by ModernNotebooks is a perfect choice for you. The front is Cardstock with the words “You are my Greatest Adventure” in Rose Gold foil. The 130 pages inside of the book are blank, so you are free to capture memories however you chose. No silly prompts or confining spaces to deal with, only endless possibilities. A great choice to create your own meaningful keepsake for your child.

Did I leave off one of your favorites? If so, leave a comment below letting us know what your favorite baby book is!

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