Monthly Update – March 2018

It seems like 2018 is really flying by, and it almost feels like I am in a completely new life from where I started it. I feel refreshed and ready to tackle so much more than I did coming into the year. While I loved certain aspects of my old job, it’s refreshing to have a completely new challenge! The stress has been lifted and my work-life balance is perfect. I hope it stays this way for a little while.

So what have when been up to this month? Well I picked back up on my blogging after a hiatus…I even wrote the post I had been wanting to since I started, and received a lot of warm responses. So thank you to all who read it and messaged me or sent a text. I love you guys for being so supportive.

C076CC95-20C5-47C9-9E80-7F79BA0A5254My mother-in-law came for a weekend visit this month. She loves little Miss P with all her heart, and it’s awesome to see how much Parker loves her in return. We went up to the Biltmore house for a day and did some shopping as well. We had a really great time, and we were so sad when she had to leave. The house felt so quiet after she left. I know it’s hard on her and my husband knowing she can’t see Parker all the time. She’s an awesome Nana.

Parker’s doing great. Her feet seem to grow two sizes in a week. She’s talking more and more, although she’s still fairly reserved around people other than Kary and I. She is getting more and more temperamental, so I’m sure we will see the terrible twos before too long. She now loves to color (as opposed to just eating or throwing the crayons) and has attempted to color on me, the floor, her crib, the wall. For now she hasn’t really succeeded, and I’ve stopped her in time, but I am sure my day will come.

In other great news that is exciting to no one but me…we are finally building the fence I have been wanting since we moved into this house. Yay, yay, triple yay! I can’t wait. It’s so much easier with the two dogs having a fence, and they love being outside. It will also be great for Parker as well so she can roam free a little more without us chasing after her at every moment.

All-in-all it was a great month, and I am looking forward to some fun things we have planned in April.


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