Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

On the hunt for some gift ideas for Mother’s Day? Well I’ve rounded up lots of fantastic options no matter the type of Mom (or Grandmom) in your life. These will also work great if you just happen to be dropping hints for yourself too 😉

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Flowers are of course a classic Mother’s Day gift option that it’s hard to go wrong with. They make a great Mother’s Day gift, and hopefully you know her favorite flower (if you don’t do some sleuthing…it’s worth the special touch). In addition to traditional flower bouquets, I rounded up a few flower varieties that put a fun twist on the old classic.

Forever Floral Wooden Flowers

forever floral wooden flowers for mother's day

These flowers by Forever Floral are wooden flowers that will last forever! They are hand-crafted made of sustainably harvested wood, which means no worrying about wilting or dying. You can even opt to add a scent to the flowers if you’d like to add an even more realistic touch. These would be a great option for someone with allergies or anyone who loves flowers but doesn’t have a green thumb.

LovePop Flower Bouquets

Lovepop pop up mothers day card

The LovePop Pop Up Mother’s Day Card is a card that pops up into a beautiful 3D Flower arrangement. The LovePop cards are available in a wide variety of options, perfect for the Mom in your life.

Eternity Flowers by Venus et Fleur

venus et fleur eternity flowers for mothers day

Preserved flowers that last up to a year have become very popular, especially roses. I like the Venus et Fleur flowers because they offer a wide variety of “eternity flowers” that are preserved for up to a year. They don’t all come in a square or round box! They also aren’t all roses. I simply adore this mix of Hydrangeas, Roses and Gardenias in this vase and think it would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift!

Farmgirl Flowers

Shop - Farmgirl Flowers for mothers day

If you are looking for an option of more traditional flowers that aren’t wooden or preserved, I love the Farmgirl Flowers. Not only are their flowers beautiful, but they offer exceptional customer service. Also, unlike some of the places I’ve ordered flowers online, what you see is actually what you get. I love their arrangements, which I think are both a bit more fun than what you’ll typically find in traditional flower shops. Definitely worth checking out!

Sentimental Gifts

I think sentimental gifts honestly make the best ones and are what I personally would want the most on Mother’s Day. I find these also make great options for moms who are hard to buy for (especially if they already buy all the things you can think of that they would need or want).

Skylight Frame

The Skylight frame is a digital frame that you can send photos to at the push of a button using a phone or even simply by sending an email. Not going to lie, my husband bought me one of these one year. I loved it so much, I bought one as a gift for our mother-in-law. Since we live far apart, it’s a great way to share photos of the kids with them easily. It’s also super simple to use, and I love the clean design of the frame. All-in-all, a great present for anyone who loves showcasing photos of their kids or grandbabies!

Pearhead Family Handprints Kit

Mothers Day Gift - Pearhead handprint set

I think this Pearhead Handprint Family Print Kit is a super cute idea that would make for an excellent Mother’s Day Gift. Those little hands and feet just don’t say small, and it is so nice to look back and have something like this from when they were small. I love the juxtaposition of the big hands and the little hands inside too.

Mpix Photo Lab Custom Wall Art

Mpix Phot Lab Home Decor Mother's Day Gift
Mpix Photo Lab Home Decor

If you are looking for a print, canvas, photo book or any custom picture art…Mpix Photo Lab does an incredible job. I got custom frames made for my children’s newborn photo shoots. They are professional quality, and they make lovely photo gifts if you have any of those in mind.

Handmade Gift

a kid with multicolored hand paint
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on

The ultimate in a sentimental gift is something that’s homemade, especially when it’s given by kids. I love crafts made by my kids, and think they make great presents for grandparents too. Some easy ideas with kids are making cards, making a bookmark, or painting a photo and framing it. If you are looking for more ideas, here’s a great post with 44 Mother’s Day Kids Craft Ideas.


Bryan Anthony’s Jewelry

Bryan Anthony's you are my sunshine mother daughter necklace for mothers day

I love the Bryan Anthony’s necklaces that come with a statement and a purpose behind them. No matter the situation, they have some really beautifully designed pieces and mantras to go with them. They also do have rings, bracelets and even wall prints, but the necklaces are my personal favorite.

Rellery Dainty Necklaces


I’m a sucker for a delicate necklace, and Rellery makes a ton of great necklace options that are customizable with names. A heart necklace with hearts with each kids name on it would make a lovely Mother’s Day Gift for a mom that loves jewelry. They’re also available in solid gold, silver or gold plated depending on preference.

Rest & Relaxation

I’m hard-pressed to think of a Mom in my life that couldn’t use a little more rest and relaxation. So why not give a gift designed to help make that happen for her? These are some gifts that are sure to do exactly that.

Sunday Citizen

Sunday Citizen Comforter - Mother's Day Gift Idea
Snug Comforter – By Sunday Citizen

I love all things comfy cozy, and let me tell you what, Sunday Citizen specializes in ALL.THE.COMFY.THINGS. Whether it be the softest comforter known to man, uber soft pajamas, comfy sweatshirts, or cozy throw pillows, Sunday Citizen brings on the comfort.

Gift Card to her favorite Hair Salon or Spa

Gift Mom with a day of rest and relaxation at her favorite hair salon and spa. Many moms forget to simply take some time for themselves without a nudge to do so. This gift card can be a great forcing function to make that actually happen! Better yet, pair the gift card with a babysitting offer to really ensure she gets to enjoy the day.

Cozy Slippers

I can always use another pair of cozy slippers. Mine are always getting so worn down (especially in these pandemic days where those are practically the only shoes I wear). I love these soft purple fuzzy memory foam slippers by Jessica Simspon, but any comfy pair of slippers would make a lovely Mother’s Day Gift.

Time Alone!

If the Mom you are looking for a gift for still has young kids at home, I can guarantee she would appreciate an offer to have some time alone while the kids are cared for. Time alone is just so hard to come by as a Mom with young kids, and it is absolutely cherished. Not that we don’t love our kids, but hey, we all need a break from time to time. The great thing about this one, is it doesn’t have to cost you a thing. Simply plan to take the kids off her hands for a period of time and let Mom do whatever she wants!

Breakfast in Bed

couple eating breakfast on the bed
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Another great idea that doesn’t have to cost a lot, but shows Mom just how much you love her is serving up a breakfast in bed. Let Mom sleep in, make her favorite breakfast and really pamper her.

That wraps up my list of Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. Have you tried out any of the things on this list either for yourself or for a gift for someone else. What did you think? I’d love to hear from you down in a comment below on what you thought.

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