What I wish someone told me: Newborn Tips & Tricks for First Time Parents

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Thinking back on when we first brought my daughter home, there are so many things that could have made life easier if only we had known. As they say, experience is the greatest teacher, but if you are about to become a parent for the first time, here are a few tips that just might make those early days a bit easier.

My Top Newborn Tricks and Tips – What I wish we knew before we brought baby home

1. How to Use Onesies Properly

Onesies are made to be pulled down when needed. See those little openings at the top of the shoulders? Those expand so that the onesie can be pulled down over the body instead of over the head after a blowout. That way you don’t have to get baby poop on your baby’s head. Genius design if you ask me.

2. Clean Diaper Changes

Especially if you have a boy, when you open a diaper, open it briefly and quickly swap the new one in place. You can do this by having the new diaper ready in hand opened up to quickly life changer. Or putting the new diaper right under the old one when starting a change. Babies love to pee mid-diaper change, so you can avoid getting peed on by using this tip.

3. Zip-up Sleepers

Avoid buttoned sleepers like the plague! Zip-up sleepers are the bomb. I know the ones with all the buttons and snaps are cuter, I get it, but in the middle of the night you will thank me for the zippers. Some folks prefer nightgowns, but either are a superior choice over all of the buttons.

4. Grocery Pickup.

Grocery Pickup. Just do it. Some offer free services over a certain amount and others charge a small fee. It’s worth every single penny in my opinion. It’s also a great idea to stock up on freezer meals whenever possible for those early days with a newborn baby.

5. Electric Nail File

For the love of all that is holy, just get an electric nail file for those newborn nails. It is just too easy to clip skin with those tiny little fingers that won’t stay open. Once they get a little older, the clippers are easier and more efficient; however for a newborn I can’t recommend an electric nail file enough. Here’s the one that we used, but any will do the job just fine. 

6. Diaper Caddy for Multi-Level Homes

If you have multiple levels on your home, create a diaper change caddy with all the necessities for a change like diapers, wipes, cream, and a changing pad. You can then carry it with you and change diapers wherever you are instead of constantly going up and down. You’ll likely be recovering from birth and newborns constantly wet their diapers so this can be a lifechanger.

7. Tummy Time on Your Tummy

Babies can do tummy time on you. If your baby hates tummy time like many, lay down flat and let baby do tummy time on your belly. They will be much happier looking at you, and you can get that Tummy Time in without all the fuss.

8. Sleepy Baby Feeding Tip

If you have a sleepy baby who you need to wake up to feed, try a diaper change or dressing them down to their diaper. Especially for those brand new babies that can easily fall asleep during a feed, this is a helpful tip. My daughter struggled with feeding, and we always had to get her dressed down to her diaper to get her awake enough to eat in those early days.

9. Double Layer Sheets for Quick Nighttime Changes

This one is absolutely brilliant. Double layer the waterproof pads and crib sheets so that when the top layer gets dirty, you can simply pull off the top sheet and waterproof pad without struggling to get a new one on in the dark.

10. My Favorite Soothing Tip

This is one that I learned from my mother-in-law, and every baby will prefer something different for settling. However, what worked well for both of my babies was a gentle bounce up and down with a soft tap on their bottom. I don’t know why that little diaper tap does the job, but boy does it. Worth giving it a try if you have a fussy baby. 

Did I leave out one of your favorite hacks for caring for a Newborn? Please share your best tips in the comments below. If you enjoyed this post, you may also enjoy my post on our Favorite Baby Items for 0-3 Months.

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