November 18 Monthly Update

I can’t believe we are already to the end of November and entering December. It feels like this month really just flew by. I wanted to share an update on what’s going on in my life and what kept me so busy this last month.

In early November we (my husband, daughter, mother in law and sister in law) took a long weekend trip to Disney. It was Parker’s first time going, and it was really incredible to see her light up in wonder riding rides and meeting her favorite characters. She loved meeting the Winnie the Pooh characters…she hugged every one of them except for poor Eeyore. The trip was really exhausting doing it pregnant though, and my feet were so swollen for a week afterwards. Regardless, it was worth it though knowing we won’t want to do it for a little while with the baby coming in February. Here are some pictures from the trip:

We also started working on the baby’s room! We got rid of some old furniture that wasn’t baby friendly in the room and painted. We are working on finishing up a wall mural on one of the walls. Then we will need to buy a few new pieces and begin organizing. I will absolutely show you guys some pictures of it once it is done.

This month we also hosted a small Thanksgiving with some of my family and my husband’s. It was our first time ever hosting at our house, so it was fun but also overwhelming. We got Christmas pictures taken of Parker and are sending out cards soon.

In baby news, I also had my glucose test and another checkup with the doctor, and everything is still going well. My delivery date is now scheduled, and I know which doctor my c-section will be with.

All in all a busy, but incredible month. I am looking forward to our first Christmas at home with Parker. Especially now that she is getting ood enough to better understand what is going on. She’s fascinated with the tree and all of the reindeer decor I have out, so I think we are in for a fun December with her.

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