October Monthly Update

Well this has been one crazy busy hectic month. So rather than not posting anything, I figured I would give a quick update on what’s been going on with us.

Short story: Parker fractured her leg

Long story:

A couple weeks ago now on a Sunday, I was vacuuming downstairs and my husband was getting ready to go outside to work on the yard. Our daughter was downstairs playing with her usual toys (in her pretend kitchen) going back and forth from the living room to the dining room with her shopping cart. I heard her suddenly crying and rushed around the corner from the kitchen. She was sitting in the dining room front of a cardboard box that had come in the mail (which was maybe 4 inches off of the ground) – she must have been playing on it and fallen off. I picked her up and calmed her down, and tried to figure out what was hurting. Nothing was bruising or swelling, but if I tried to get her to walk on it she could not.

After lots of debating, we ended up taking her to urgent care. Based on their exam, they thought it was her lower leg (her Tibia) and took an x-ray. Nothing showed up on the x-ray, but they said it’s not uncommon to not see small fractures on an x-ray for a toddler. So they splinted it and referred us to Pediatric orthopedist the next day. We went and they ended up diagnosing it as a Toddler’s fracture and putting her in a cast for 3 weeks based on her clinical presentation (not walking). She picked out a blue and pink cast with sparkles on it, which she just loves showing to people.

Then as we were checking out, this lady made a comment that “she’s too young for a cast” that really rubbed me the wrong way and got me all upset. Sometimes I think that people don’t realize the impact of their comments in an emotional moment. I have a 2 year old who has a cast on her leg – I feel bad enough without your judgement lady. Thank you very much.

She’s been in good spirits and doesn’t act like her leg bothers her, so all seems to be going well. She is actually allowed to walk on her cast, but really doesn’t like to at all. Here are some pictures of when we first got home with the cast:

I’m a little upset that she’ll have to wear the cast on Halloween, but we will work around it. Parker’s preschool has also been really great with making accommodations for her with the cast so that she didn’t have to miss a ton of school. So we are super grateful! This pregnant momma’s back has been really tired and sore after carrying her up and down stairs, so I am really looking forward to the cast coming off soon. We also have a fun trip coming up in November that I am so looking forward to now.

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