Our Favorite Places to Buy Kids Clothes – for all occasions

That time of year is drawing nearer and nearer….the Holidays. It brings with it a multitude of festivities that require new or special outfits, so I thought this was an appropriate time for this post. Since we only have one child (at least for now), and she is the first girl of our immediate family, we have done a lot of shopping for clothes since she was born. However, even if you are in a situation where you have a lot of hand-me-downs available to you (which I would highly recommend taking advantage of since kids’ clothing is grown out of so fast or destroyed by spilled food or other messes), there will be those occasions where you want to get a special outfit or some items that you may be missing. To help you out, here are the places where we have had the most success finding clothes that we love for all occasions:


This is where we really buy many of the basics and everyday wear for our daughter: onesies, pajamas, t-shirts, jeans, etc. If you shop the sales, and use the rewards, this is really the most affordable option on our list. You may even have an outlet version near you as well to check out, where the prices are even lower.


I don’t think having Target on this list will surprise anyone, but I’ve really had great luck finding (reasonably) affordable and adorable clothes there. They do have the basics, but I’ve particularly been fond of the ‘Cat & Jack’ line, which is a step up from the basics. Think clothes that are functional and durable but also cute enough for attending family gatherings and parties with friends. In particular, check out their dresses, outfit sets (tops and bottoms) and swimsuits.

Baby Gap:

We are getting into the more expensive sections of the list now, most of which, I reserve for special occasions or outfits I love so much I am willing to splurge now and then. Baby Gap has some really precious items (they recently released some Disney themed clothes that are adorable), but I don’t buy our everyday items here since those are more expensive than elsewhere. Think special occasion outfits or items (dresses/nice outfits for boys/shoes/etc.) or outfits where you know you will be taking pictures (coming home from hospital/birthdays/holidays/etc.). This is also a great place for getting outfits to give to others.

Mud pie:

I think all of Mud Pie’s clothing and home goods are absolutely charming, and if could afford to buy them all…I probably would. However, they are incredibly pricey. I do recommend checking out Mud Pie for holidays and birthdays (I actually just bought a bunch of stuff when we were down at the beach, maybe I will post some pictures on another post of the items I found if you are interested). Such cute stuff, and for those occasions, you may decide it is worth the splurge.

Janie and Jack:

This is the most costly store on my list. Janie and Jack carries classic styles that are well-made and long-lasting. I would recommend looking here for clothes for photography sessions (family portraits, birthdays, etc.) or special occassions that require more formal classic clothing (christenings, weddings, etc.).


When none of the above stores have what I am looking for, I find myself looking through Etsy. This happens mostly for those times when I have a specific outfit in mind, but can’t find anything for it. Think fun photography shoots (tutus, costumes, headbands or bows), funny graphic onesies, and gifts for others. That’s where I got the tutu from in the banner picture on my website. Usually this is a more expensive option, but it varies depending on the individual shop you buy from.

Honorable Mentions: Gymboree, Children’s Place, Old Navy

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite stores are. Did I miss any of your top picks?

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