Practical Nursery Organization Tips to Beat the Clutter

Are you drowning in a sea of baby things all over the place? We’ve pulled together some great nursery organization tips to help you get to a clutter free space that also is designed to for efficient use for you and your family.

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Nursery Organization Tips for Organizing Like a Pro

  • Purchase drawer dividers and organizer

    Drawer dividers for organizing nursery

Baby things are so small, so it’s really helpful to be able to divide up larger drawers into smaller sections using drawer dividers. For example, you may want to separate baby socks from mittens. You may also want to divide up the drawer where you plan to store diapers and wipes so that you can have diaper paste, nail clippers, etc. right next to them and easily accessible.

  • Choose double-duty furniture

For example, select a dresser that can be used as a changing table so that you don’t need two pieces of furniture. Also, changing tables are only used for a relatively short period. So I think it is well worth saving your money and getting dual use out of the dresser.

  • Opt for a Diaper Caddy

    Diaper Caddy for Nursery Organization

I loved having a diaper caddy easily accessible on the top of my baby’s dressers. The caddy’s are great because they already have dividers for great organization of all of the necessary diaper changing gear. On top of that, you can grab them and take them to other locations in your house for easy changes anywhere.

  • Add Shelving or Cubes into the Closet

For babies and young children, there never seem to be enough shelves or drawers. Consider adding in shelving or cubes into the existing closet space you have. Since children’s clothes are smaller, you can usually even fit in a few storage cubes under a hanging rack and make optimal use of the space there.

  • Invest in Storage Bins (with labels)

Along the same lines as the last point, add some additional storage bins in your nursery. I promise you that you won’t regret it. Bins are great for all the toy storage you will need in the years to come. They are also fantastic for storing extra clothing that is too small or too big currently. I would also highly recommend getting labels for those bins so that you can easily see (and remember) what’s in there.

  • Use Clothes Dividers to Keep the Closet Tidy

Another great tip for organizing the closet is to purchase clothes dividers with sizing on them. I found this especially useful for newborn sizes up to 24 months. These are the phases where you usually will have to keep multiple sizes on hand because babies move through sizes so quickly. These organizers allow you to easily divide hanging clothes into labeled sections, so you will always know what is where.

  • Roll up Clothing stored in drawers

This is a hack I learned when I first started researching nursery organization for myself. Instead of folding clothing and laying them on top of each other, you can use space more effectively by rolling up clothing and storing vertically. This effectively makes a file system out of the clothing. Allowing you to be more efficient when getting clothes out of drawers, as you can see everything from above. Simply grab what you need instead of moving other clothes around to get to what you need. This also works great with blankets and sleep sacks too.

  • Consider a Cube System

Cube system nursery organizer

I absolutely love these cube organization systems and highly recommend them. They are incredibly versatile and offer tons of storage. You can purchase bins that fit into the cubes for organizing toys, linens and clothes. You can also use the cubes directly as a bookshelf. Then the very top of the cube system serves as a shelf itself. Highly worth considering as an addition to your nursery. As an added bonus, they come in a variety of dimensions and sizes so you can find something that fits your space. If your nursery has a spacious closet, you may even be able to fit one in there.

  • Plan for Clothing Rotation

The thing with babies is that they outgrow clothes so quickly. It’s good to have a system in place for the constant clothing swapping that occurs when they are young. We have a bin where we place clothes they have outgrown (that we donate or give to other family to use). Then we have a place where we have their current clothes – front and center in the dresser and closet. Right nearby we also have the next size up. If there are clothes for when they are even older, we keep those in bins at the top of the closet, so they are out of the way.

  • Install Shelves for Book Storage

Nursery bookshelf organization

If you have a smaller room or limited closet space, this tip can come in really handy. Consider adding floating shelving on the walls to serve as a bookshelf. This frees up other precious floor space in the room for you to use in other ways.

  • Buy Storage Friendly Furniture

Buy furniture that is storage friendly. These are items that have lots of drawers (ideally in varying sizes and depths) and if possible built-in dividers. If you buy an end table for example, get one with drawers included to maximize storage space.

Thanks for stopping by! Do you have any awesome nursery organization tips that you’ve found really useful? If so, I’d love to hear it in a comment down below.

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