Puppy Party for Kid’s Birthday

My daughter decided she wanted to have a puppy themed birthday party this year. We have 3 Puggles, and she is practically obsessed with them. She always checks on the dogs when we come home, and has to have one in her room at night. She loves to play fetch with them and take them on walks. It is ALL about the dogs these days. So we went with the theme, and I thought that it turned out so cute that I would share since so many kiddos just love dogs.

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Puppy Party Details

Some of the basic decorations I bought were a dog-themed birthday banner, balloons, and hanging streamers with funny dog pictures on the end. I also got my daughter a “Let’s Pawty” dog themed t-shirt that she was so excited to wear.

Puppy Balloons for party

These balloons were one of my favorite things about the party. They’re shaped like dogs (obviously) and the string ties around a loop on the collar. This lets you pull the doggie balloons around on their “leash”. These were a huge hit with the kiddos. Each kid was pulling one or two (or four) around…and of course arguing over who got which dog.

Puppy birthday party balloons

The pack includes 6 different dog balloons. They were very easy to inflate using a straw. I will say that although they are advertised as durable, with many rough kiddos playing with them, we definitely had parts falling off (poor dogs kept losing ears). We were able to tape them back on, but I wouldn’t expect them to last longer than for a party.

Puppy dog party masks

These dog masks were an absolutely hilarious addition to the party games. The pack includes 12 different masks on cardstock. Also included in the pack are 12 elastic bands to thread on and create the mask. They were easy to put together and held up well through the party.

The Puppy Birthday Cake

Puppy dog cake

Unsurprisingly, the cake was dog themed as well. We purchased this ‘Happy Birthday’ cake topper that has black glitter and dogs all behind it. The cake was made by Meglo cakes, a local baker in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area. If you live here and haven’t check her out, I highly recommend that you do. Her cakes are all made from Buttercream (which just tastes so much better than fondant). She always does a beautiful job decorating without needing to use fondant. I did hit the edge of the cake on the box when I took it out, so that little white mark is 100% my fault.

The cake was chocolate with vanilla buttercream frosting and was super yummy. The cake was served on these puppy plates that I purchased in a set that also included a tablecloth, napkins and cups as well.

We have real live 3 dogs of our own, so we had our own built in petting zoo for the party. We also had a fun game for the party: give the dog a bone (a dog-themed twist on pin the tail on the donkey).

Give the dog a bone party game

For party favors, we purchased doggie themed bags and stuffed them with notebooks, dog Keychains, a sticker pack where you can design your own doggie face and doggie party noise makers. The kids really loved the stickers and the noise-makers (of course). The keychains didn’t matter as much to them, so I might replace that with a craft or the bubbles suggested below if I had it to do-over again.

Dog Party Ideas

Some other fun ideas for dog-themed party games that I found but didn’t use are:

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