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Sophie La Girafe Teether Review

The Sophie La Girafe Teether is the quintessential adorable teether that is on all of the first time mom must-have lists. As adorable as the little girafe teether is, is it really worth the price? Will it solve all of your teething woes? Well I’ve tested it out with multiple children and have the full scoop on the Sophie La Girafe Teether for you. Read on to hear an honest real mom’s opinion of this trendy teether.

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Sophie La Girafe Teether Review

Sophie la Girafe Teether

What is the Sophie La Girafe Teether?

Well if the name of this popular teether didn’t give it away, Sophie the Giraffe is an uber popular French teether. Sophie La Girafe is a 7-inch teether made out of 100% natural rubber with food-grade paint. Sophie was created in 1961, and at this point is basically a birthright for French babies. She was named for the day that she went into production: Saint Sophie’s day. She rose to international fame since 2006 as Sophie began to be sold outside of France.

The teether is notable for its simplicity. It largely is exactly what you see in the pictures; it is a rubber teether that squeaks when you squeeze it. It is lightweight, easy to hold and has good contrasting colors with the dark spots on the largely off-white teether.

Sophie the Giraffe is priced at $25 in the U.S., which is a pretty high price tag for such a simple teether. Each teether is manufactured in a factory in eastern France. I have to say, I think the frenchness of this teether is part of the appeal for parents in the U.S. There’s something about french baby items that I think really appeals to U.S. consumers. It’s chic and adorable and french! Fancy.

Other Sophie La Girafe Merchandise

Since the Sophie the Giraffe Teether skyrocketed in fame, of course, many other Sophie the Giraffe items were quickly created to follow-up on that monster success. Some of the other Sophie items available are:

Sophie the Giraffe Bath Book

Sophie la Girafe Pacifier

Sophie the Giraffe Bath Toy

Sophie Musical Plush Toy

So if you are head over heels in love with Sophie the Giraffe, rest assured there is no shortage of adorable children’s toys and accessories in that theme to choose from.

My Honest Review & Experience with the Sophie La Girafe Teether

So what’s my personal take on the Sophie the Giraffe Teether? Well, I do think Sophie is very cute. If you appreciate the simplicity of the teether and love the cult culture around the teether, I won’t judge you for buying it. There is something about simple and beautiful children’s toys and accessories that are especially appealing to new moms. Maybe it’s just my sentimental nature.


Overall, Sophie the Giraffe is a well-made teether. It is lightweight and easy for young babies to grasp on to. The legs are really appealing for babies to chew on, and I think many babies do love this teether. With all that said, I do still think that the hype has outgrown what the Sophie La Girafe delivers as a teether. There are less expensive options out there that may be even more effective for your baby.


Honestly, this teether isn’t all that different from a dog toy in my opinion. It’s rubber, it squeaks and those are probably its defining features. It In fact, my dog Charlie heard the squeaker in it, and at the earliest available opportunity he attacked Sophie and ripped off her legs. RIP Sophie. I was pretty upset to be out $25 for that teether too.


Another challenge I personally have with this teether is that it can’t be sterilized. I have a sterilizer that I like to use on all teether, baby bottles, nipples, and pacifiers to keep things as clean as possible for my little ones. Knowing that I can’t 100% sterilize this product and know that all the germs are gone bothers me a little bit. This also means Sophie is recommended for use with only one baby. Meaning no hand-me-downs when it comes to this product. It’s recommended to buy another one if you have another child.


  • Simple and Elegant in design
  • Durable and Well-Made
  • Beloved by many children worldwide
  • Lightweight and Easy to Hold


  • Expensive for a baby teether
  • Colored Ink can wear off over time
  • Overly simple design may not keep baby’s interest
  • Cannot be sterilized
  • Cannot be put in dishwasher
  • Can only be used with one child

Final Recommendation

So my bottom-line is that if you really want to buy Sophie because you are browsing adorable baby items and nesting and can afford it, then just go for it. But have appropriate expectations. It isn’t the end-all or be-all of teethers, and you may end up buying some other options. Just appreciate Sophie for what she is…a trendy French teether.

Sophie the Girafe: Frequently Asked Questions

This popular teething toy was invented way back in France in 1961. It went into production on May 25th, which gave the teether its name as that is Saint Sophie’s day.

Sophie became popular by word of mouth in the U.S. and became a bit of a trend. The popularity likely stems, at least partially, from her French origin. There are even articles written about how it became a bit of a status symbol for new moms (here’s one from the LA Times). However, Sophie has long been popular in France. The teether is cute and functional, and many babies enjoy chewing on her long legs. In fact Sophie is so popular that in France, more Sophies are sold each year than babies are born.

Another common question I see around Sophie is how to clean her. Can she be put in the dishwasher? Can she be sterilized?

It should be noted that Sophie has a hole in the bottom of the toy which allows air in and out and makes the toy squeezable. Therefore, the toy should not be submersed in water. It is not dishwasher safe or sterilizer safe. The manufacturer of the toy recommends washing with soap and warm water and paying special care to keep water away from the hole. Specific cleaning details can be found in this video.

The manufacturer of Sophie states that a single teether should not be used across multiple children as it is made from natural rubber and cannot be sterilized. Therefore it should not be passed on to another baby, but it can be used for the same child as long as the teether remains intact and undamaged.

Yes! Sophie can be put into the fridge or freezer for an extra boost of cooling for baby’s tender gums. Do make sure that the teether is not too cold or hard before giving to baby after cooling.

Alternative Teether Options

If you’re looking for a teether that more affordable and less trendy, but still really works then I have a couple of really great options for you. These are both less expensive than Sophie La Girafe, and I found all of them to be more effective for teething with my kiddos.

  • The Baby Banana Infant Toothbrush – Hands down, this was my daughter’s absolute favorite teether. She loved the handles that she could grip easily. Additionally, the bristles on the end of the banana provide a texture that all babies really seem to love chomping away on. To top all of that off, the banana teether retails for under $7. You really can’t beat that.
  • My second child loved these Teething Tubes. They are super lightweight and easy for baby to grip. Additionally (especially in today’s world), I loved how easy to clean the teething tubes are. Since they are long and narrow, they work for both the front teeth and molars. This gives them a bit more shelf-live than some other teethers.

Thanks for stopping by! Have you tried out Sophie La Girafe? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts about her in a comment down below. You may also want to check out my post on The Absolute Best Baby Teethers if you’re looking for additional teether options.

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