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My Honest Review of the Teething Egg: Is it Worth the Hype?

What is the Teething Egg?

The Teething Egg is an award-winning teether shaped like an egg with a rattle inside of it. The teething egg’s claim to fame is that the round, smooth surface provides even coverage for both top and bottom gums. The concept of the egg is that it provides stable counter pressure on the gums, helping to give your baby some relief from those inflamed gums. The manufacturers also tout that babies are instinctively drawn to the round shape of the egg since it is reminiscent of a breast.

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Teething egg review

Additionally the Teething Egg can be placed in the refrigerator, providing a cooling and calming sensation for baby’s tender inflamed gums. Another bonus is that the egg is super easy to clean since it is dishwasher safe and can also be steam sterilized.

Is the Teething Egg Safe?

The Teething Egg is made out of a soft, rubbery like material, which the manufacturer states is an FDA food grade TPE material. It does not contain any BPA, BPS, PVC, Phthalate, Metal, Latex, or Lead. The teething egg is tested and certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. It’s always great to see teethers free of known toxins since they will obviously be in baby’s mouth.

The teething egg is orthodontic friendly, meaning it won’t interfere with teeth and gum development. It can also be used as a transition away from a pacifier which are commonly known to cause orthodontic problems with prolonged use.

How Much Does the Teething Egg Cost?

The teething eggs are made in the U.S.A. and currently retail for $19.99 on the manufacturer’s website. All teething eggs and other teethers by the manufacturer come with a 90 day money-back guarantee. The eggs currently come in 6 different colors: blue, gray, purple, pink and green. If you are interested, can find the egg available for purchase on Amazon in a variety of cost-effective bundles or directly on the Manufacturer’s website.

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You can now buy all sorts of accessories to go with the teething egg. Including a Grippie Stick, a Grippie Ring, and a Grippie ship. All of the “Grippie” products attach to the teething egg to make it easier for babies to hold. They also sell all sorts of cute little stuffed animals, like this Giraffe, that attach to the egg, along with a number of other teethers. Check out my review of their teether for molars – the Molar Magician here.

Our experience with the teething egg:

The teething egg teether with lanyard

We tried out this teether with both of my children. My son never had much interest in the teething egg at all. My daughter initially enjoyed the teething egg quite a bit. However, in a short time she was uninterested it and rarely picked it up anymore. It was also a bit difficult for her to handle due to its weight. This was especially true when she was younger (and actually used teethers more). Sadly, this directly contradicts the manufacturer’s claims that it is lightweight.

The Teething Egg now sells what they call a “Grippie Stick” to attach to the end of the egg to make it easier for young babies to hold. In my opinion, for a nearly $20 teether, this stick should be included and not sold for an additional $5.99. Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of the Teething Egg:

The teething egg teether - baby playing with the teething egg


Lanyard & Clip

  • I absolutely loved that the teething egg came on a lanyard with a clip! This made it a great teether for on the go when others inevitably got dropped under a dirty restaurant table just when we needed it most.

Easy to keep clean

  • There are no pores, holes, or soft surfaces to clean on the teething egg. This means it is super easy to wash and sanitize over and over again. It’s even dishwasher safe, so you can always just toss it in your dishwasher and let it get washed.

Color Variety

  • It’s nice that there are a variety of colors to choose from. Not a huge determining factor for me personally, but others may enjoy the selection.


  • The teething egg contains no harsh chemicals. Additionally, there are no sharp edges or pieces that could potentially break off easily. Unfortunately I have run into some other teethers in the market where that isn’t the case. The teething egg has also been tested by various safety commissions and has received several certifications.

Well-Made & Durable

  • This teether is extremely well-made and durable. Even with taking this on the go in my diaper bag for months and testing with multiple children for the review, the teether really held up and showed no significant signs of wear.



  • Compared to other teething toys on the market, the teething egg is a bit boring. There is a single texture and color, and my babies got bored with it very quickly.


  • For such a simple toy, the price point at $19.99 is also notably higher than many other teethers on the market.

Heavy & Hard to Hold

  • In contradiction to the way it is advertised, I found the teething egg to be fairly heavy for a baby. The weight makes it a bit unwieldy to hold for little hands. If your baby is younger, you may have to hold it up for them to chew on. You won’t be able to count on them being able to pick it up and soothe themselves. This kind of defeats the purpose in my opinion.

Additional Accessories Not Included

  • Grippie Sticks, Rings, etc. are not available to address ease of use, but they come at an additional cost.

Final Review of the teething egg:

Did the Teething Egg enthrall my babies and instantly become their favorite teether? No, it didn’t. That is not to say it could not work for your child, but my little girl had a very short-lived interest in this product. My son had none at all. Some babies just do not take well to the simplicity of the teething egg. Many babies would prefer something with a little more variety to draw them in. Plus, we had more success with a teether that is a little easier to work with to get their mouth around. If you have tried multiple other teethers unsuccessfully, it may be worth a shot since every child is different. Ultimately, I cannot say it worked well for us, and I cannot recommend forking over nearly 20 bucks for it.

Here are a couple of teethers that I do recommend as alternatives to the teething egg:

  • This Baby Banana Infant Toothbrush – Hands down, this was my daughter’s absolute favorite teether. I think she really liked that it had handles she could grip along with the texture of the toothbrush-like bristles on her gums.
  • My second child loves these Teething Tubes. They are super lightweight and easy for baby to grip. On top of that, the tubes are incredibly easy to clean. Since they are long and narrow, they work for both the front teeth and molars. This gives them a bit more shelf-live than some other teethers.
  • These soft fruit-shaped teethers – I received a couple of these as a gift. To my surprise, these ended up being another one of my daughter’s favorite go-to teether choices.

If you have tried the Teething Egg yourself, please leave a comment below with your experience and thoughts on it. If you’re interested in a full review of other baby teethers be sure to check out this post on my all time favorite teethers.

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