The Best Baby Push Toys – Learning Walkers for your Baby

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There is nothing quite like those days when your baby is almost to that toddler phase, but not officially toddling. I remember waiting so eagerly for that big milestone with both of my children…trying to teach them to walk by holding their hands and encouraging each step. If you are in that time right now, this is the perfect time for introducing a push toy to give them something to hold on to while building up that walking confidence. A learning walker will help your to-be-toddler with building up their strength, fine motor skills and coordination to become confident enough to take those first few unassisted steps.

Age Ranges and Safety

Most push walkers can be used from the time baby can sit up (and start grabbing at toys and activities on the side of the walker) up until they are walking well unassisted. A few on this list are even adaptable to broader ages as they convert into multiple stages. While all on this list have been designed with safety in mind, I do find that nearly all push walkers require some level of parental supervision, especially for the early walker. Depending on your child’s strength and abilities, they may tip over or roll faster than their legs are ready for. So please keep this in mind when using any of these and be prepared to assist. 

Our Favorite Learning Walkers / Push Toys:

V-tech sit-to-stand Learning Walker

Both of our children absolutely loved this learning walker. The base comes off and lays flat on the floor so that younger babies can play with it. The walker itself has multiple speed settings so that unsteady walkers can use it, as well as walkers who are cruising along. It lights up, sings songs (including over 70 sounds), has gears that spin and my babies both loved the playing with the phone (what is it about phones?!). This is our personal favorite based on what our kids actually enjoyed using. It comes in a variety of colors, and it is the quintessential baby learning walker in my opinion.

Melissa and Doug Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Toy

This toy is super cute! The Melissa and Doug Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Walker Toy is made out of high quality wood and painted with bright colors. The alligators’ mouths chomp down as the toy is pushed, making a soft clicking sound. The toy also includes beads that spin on a bar below the handle. I do think this one is a bit more geared towards babies that are cruising along holding on to things already as there are not speed settings like several others on the list. The wheels are designed to be used both on carpet and hardwood floors, with a rubber coating to slow them down on hardwoods. However, my son still seemed to go really fast on our hardwood floors, so I had to supervise and slow him down until he was steady enough to keep up. This learning walker is a classic your little one is sure to love when they are steady enough to push it along.

Fat Brain Toys Busy Baby Deluxe Walker

This wooden Walker toy is absolutely packed with activities: a shiny mirror, a xylophone, spinning gears, shape sorters, vehicle blocks on a cutout track, and sliding beads. The netting on the back even provides storage for other toys. Just like the Melissa and Doug Walker listed above, the wheels are designed for multiple floor types and coated in rubber to provide tension and slow down the walker some on hardwood floors. This option is the most expensive on this list, but it is made out of wood not plastic, and it includes a ton of toys to keep your little one entertained.

NextX Baby Walker


This walker brings something that many others do not offer: adjustable height along with the more common adjustable wheel speed. It is also a bit wider than many other designs, providing a sturdier base. It looks like a small blue and white car, complete with blocks, toys, interactive buttons, and a bunny on the front to keep your little one entertained for hours. Kids absolutely love playing with the included remote control and keys to the car.

Skip Hop Kids 3-in-1 Baby Activity Walker & Ride On Scooter Wagon Toy

I absolutely love multi-use kids toys. They grow out of everything so fast, it’s great whenever a toy or product can grow and adapt with them. This Skip Hop Activity Walker toy converts from a push wagon to a ride on toy and then finally into a scooter. It comes in a Unicorn design or in a Dog design, both of which are adorable. There is a button that can be pressed to turn on a headlight, and to play songs and sound effects. A super cute choice that will grow with your baby!

Did I miss any of your favorite Learning Walkers? Let me know in the comments down below. If you enjoyed this post, you may also enjoy my post on Our Favorite Baby & Toddler Skincare Products for Dry, Sensitive Skin.

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