What I plan on Buying for Baby #2

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I have seen many lists out there for what you should buy as a first time mom (and believe me, I read them ALL during my first pregnancy), but I thought that it would be fun to make a list of what I am planning on buying for baby #2 this time around. I know, I’m weird, my idea of fun is making lists. What can I say? It’s the planner in me.

So starting out…we have tons of baby gear that I plan on reusing for baby #2, such as, our crib, bassinet, pack-n-play, swings, bouncers, toys, teethers, books, and clothes (if it ends up being a girl), bottle warmers, etc….the list goes on and on. However, there are some items that I do want to upgrade or want to splurge on that I didn’t buy the first go round. In general, what you need to buy for baby number 2 depends on what you have that can be reused from your first.

  • Additional convertible car seats – Once the baby outgrows the infant car seat, we will need another convertible car seat for baby #2. There’s really no way around this one, and if you are having a second, this is a purchase you’ll likely have to make sooner or later. I highly recommend the Graco Extend2Fit car seat available here in a variety of colors. 610scM41CjL._SX522_.jpgIt’s rear facing all the way up to 50 pounds, like many of the most costly models, it’s got great safety performance, and it’s relatively low in price compared to other models (ranging from $150-220 depending on the color you select). I have had pricier car seats – one a Nuna RAVA and another Maxi Cosi. The Maxi Cosi fabric frayed after one wash and the belts never tightened enough for my liking. The Nuna is great, but I’m not sure it is worth the additional cost.
  • Second Baby Monitor – We absolutely want to get another video monitor for baby #2. Even though Parker obviously sleeps through the night by now, we still use our first one to watch for Parker waking up in the morning and from naps. She also will occasionally wake up at night if she’s sick, and it just makes me feel better to be able to check on her without waking her up. If the age gap is greater between your two children, it’s likely that you can get away with not purchasing a second one of these. We currently have an older Samsung model we love, but are thinking of this newer version for baby #2. Samsung Wisenet Baby Monitor
  • A double-stroller system – I have been looking at the UppaBaby Vista, but I have yet to fully decide if it is worth the cost, and I feel like I may be a bit too short for it. UppaBaby Vista Stroller
    Now every double stroller seems to be fairly expensive, but this one does top the charts. What I like about it is the number of configurations it can handle and that it is compatible with car seat, bassinet and toddler seat. It has great reviews and moms really seem to love it. It would have been great if I had purchased this for my first child and then only had to upgrade for baby #2, but since I didn’t…this would cost me a pretty penny this go around. The double-wide strollers intimidate me because I can’t imagine navigating store aisles successfully with those…they seem more suited to outdoor spaces.
  • An infant lounger – We actually didn’t have anything like this with our first, and I have seen so many instagram pictures or Facebook updates with cozy looking babies snuggled up in one of these. 81cjDwf0o+L._SX522_It seems super handy to have and much more portable than other options.
  • Portable changing pad station – I never bought one of these with my first, but it seems so handy to be able to pull one item out of the diaper bag and run to change the baby instead of having the grab a changing pad, wipes, a diaper, etc. all separately. I actually already bought this for the second time around 🙂 The Skip Hop version I linked comes in some really cute designs that are worth checking out!
  • Diaper Backpack – I still carry a tote diaper bag by Petunia Pickle Bottom that I love, but I struggle fitting everything I need inside. I also love the idea of a backpack because what mama doesn’t need more free hands? I found this super cute pink leather one by Skip Hop that I already purchased. 91C9sIP0WgL._SX522_I’m so excited to start using it!
  • This Willow Breast Pump – Let me start off with saying this is EXTREMELY expensive, but this is a hands-free breast pump that fits within your bra and supposedly allows discreet pumping. No cord tether!! I ended up pumping exclusively with my first due to challenges nursing. If that is the case again for baby #2, I will willingly pay every single cent it costs to have some mobility to get other things done and free myself from the tubed tether while pumping. I’m already imagining all the milk flying when my 2 year old grabs at the tubes or bottles, and if there is any way to avoid that…I am completely game (Read my full review of this pump here).

So far, that’s everything on my list. I find out the gender later this month. Depending on whether or not it’s a a girl or a boy, I may have some baby clothes shopping to do as well. Let me know in the comments below what you are purchasing (or purchased) for baby #2.

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