Words to a Stay at Home Mama from a Working Mom

I wanted to start out a “Words to a Mama” series sharing my thoughts with other moms out there on a variety of topics. So here it goes. Hopefully you find these interesting…

Dear Stay at Home Mom,

For some reason, society seems to think we are pitted against each other. That I judge view you as lazy, unmotivated, unsuccessful or in some other way lacking. Let me first assure you that this is not true.

I am positive you have made and continue to make sacrifices each day to be home with your children. You may have given up your career (at least for the moment) to get that precious time with them. You definitely gave up your alone time, daily time to have adult conversations and the luxury of peeing alone. You may have wanted to be a stay at home mom your whole life or you may have made the decision after having your kids…finding the thought of leaving them in someone else’s care absolutely unbearable. You may dream of going back to work one day or just simply getting some time away from your children. You may even feel guilty for having that thought.

Either way, know this Mama. You are doing an amazing job. I don’t judge you….in so many ways I envy you, but I know being a stay at home mom isn’t easy. I know this from the long weekends or week long “vacations” with my kids. The ones that leave me drained and exhausted that make me just a little bit happy to go back to work to have a respite the next day (even in spite of all the wonderful memories made and the longing I feel to be with my kids during each and every work day). I know that isn’t an option for you. The week and the weekends and the vacations all come with the same responsibilities. Even with a spouse to help you, you rarely (if ever) get a real break. And then you feel guilty for needing a break….After all, you get to be with your kids. You have to be grateful for that at every moment or you must be a bad mom #momguilt. But you aren’t a bad mom, you’re simply human. We all need a break. We all need some time to ourselves.

So here’s to you stay at home moms. I see you. I respect you. I love you.

Let’s all build each other up and stop the mom shaming. It doesn’t help anyone.

Much Love,


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